Eclectic flutist, already defined in 2015 by Fabio Francione of Il Manifesto as “one of the most promising Italian flutists”, emerges on the international scene by winning the Stockhausen Prize in 2019 – a recognition never achieved before by an Italian flutist – awarded to her by the Stockhausen Foundation for her interpretation of KATHINKAs GESANG from SAMSTAG aus LICHT, in the rare version with electronics, the first Italian flutist to perform this arduous masterpiece in its entirety, by heart and in scenic form, with considerable response from the public and specialized critics.

She has had an intense solo concert activity in Italy and Europe since 2014: Teatro Lirico di Milano 2022; soloist for MA / IN Matera Intermedia Festival 2020 and 2021; guest performer for STEM and the City 2021 by the Municipality of Milan live on RAI; soloist for Estate Sforzesca festival 2021; Novecento Festival 2021 with A. Corti; soloist with the Trio Broz; soloist for Milano Musica 2019 Festival in PARADIES by Stockhausen and Tracce by L. Francesconi; soloist in KATHINKAs GESANG by Stockhausen at Festival Aperto – i Teatri 2019 (Teatro Valli) and for the Centro d’Arte di Padova festival 2019; soloist for Serate Musicali since 2018; leading musician and actress at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano in the 2016 season (The Merry Wives of William); soloist at the LAC in Lugano with her Blue Tube project in 2016; soloist in the 2nd Concerto for flute by A. Jolivet at the RSI in Lugano, 2015; selected by GAI Young Italian Artists and MIBACT as part of the MOVIN’UP call, for a concert tour in Belgium in 2016; invited by the Italian Cultural Institutes of Stuttgart and Strasbourg and Melbourne since 2015.

She also collaborates with AGON; Tempo Reale; A. Vidolin; MMT; Syntax Ensemble; mdi ensemble; Ensemble Horizonte (DE); Blumine Ensemble; SIMC Italian Society of Contemporary Music; Jeunesse Musicale; Morphosis Ensemble (S); Der Blaue Ritter Ensemble (DE) and plays steadily with versatile musicians such as the Trio Broz, R. Gottardi, S. Cignoli, her Quartetto Lunatico and her Merry Wives trio.

Flutist with a multidisciplinary background (she graduated from Verdi Conservatorio while obtaining a degree in Archaeology at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan both cum laude), L. Faoro studies with D. Formisano, J. C. Gerard, M. Marasco and specializes in contemporary repertoire as a soloist (cum laude) and chamber musician at the CSI in Lugano, with M. Caroli, A. Tamayo and O. Zoboli and later with A. Morini.

Since 2014 she has conceived and created several projects as a performer aimed at enhancing the contemporary musical language combined with other artistic forms, for which she has won other prizes and awards: the home-video performance COMFORT ZONE, created during COVID19 on commission from the Centro d’Arte di Padova, then selected as a video installation among the best Italian works produced in lockdown, for Festival Aperto grand opening 2020; the site-specific installation sound project “Scents of sound in soap”, winner of the Mention of the Artistic Director at the 1st Edition of the International Call for Proposals “Festival del Tempo” 2020 in Sermoneta, out of 54 artistic / installation applications; the site-specific installation BlueTube, defined by scholar V. Valentini as an “intermediate concert” (World Water Day 2016; Lugano, LAC 2016 and Serate Musicali 2018); the sound dramatization “Arianna: il suon de’ bei lamenti” (PACTA dei Teatri 2021; Monteverdi 450th Festival 2017 and Percorsi Festival 2019); the musical theater piece “The Merry Wives of William” as a musician and actress (directed by L. Pasetti; music by R. Andreoni; prod. Piccolo Teatro di Milano 2016; Rome Sala Umberto 2018; Shakespearean Month of Bari 2016; II Bonacina Prize 2016); the theatre concert “Alice: 88 tasti nella storia” (with her company Note di Quinta, PACTA 2014; Premio Fersen 2013).

Since 2015 she has also been working on her own sound environments for flute and electronics (Festival Vapore d’Estate 2020 and Change of Season 2020, for the Centro d’Arte di Padova and the Arcella Festival in duo with W. Prati; The flute 2.0, 2019, seminar and concert for Contemporary Music Hub with K. de Fleyt and C. Rees; Teatro Arsenale, Parade Electronique 2018, for MMT; Festival Subsculture 2018 Treviso; Suoni in cammino festival 2019).

In autumn 2021 she publishes her first solo CD for flute and electronics for Stradivarius label, “Ceci n’est pas une flûte”, in collaboration with AGON, with Massimo Marchi as sound director. This recording has obtained several awards from the specialized press, from “Blow Up” magazine to the Anglo-Dutch magazine specialized in extended techniques “Flute colors”, to Radio 3 Suite, reviewed with 5 stars by Amadeus and winner of 5 stars and disc of the month of the magazine MUSICA. E. Garzia chief director of Percorsi Musicali says: “The interpretations of Faoro are always very effective, perfect vehicles for transposing the authors’ thought but also demonstrations of incredible timing. Laura makes simple things damn hard for a flutist and is able to explore any situation while maintaining natural control over the instrument”.

Since 2021 she has been the artistic director of the Spirito del Tempo | Teatri del suono d’oggi festival, which will debut in Milan with its first edition in June 2022.