June, 12th – Sept. 10th 2022

Stockhausen in Milan

The role of the arts is to explore a person’s inner space; to find out how much and how intensely someone can vibrate, through sound, through what he hears, whichever it is. The arts are a means to expand a person’s inner universe.

(K. Stockhausen, On the Musical Gift, 1971)

copyright: Stockhausen Foundation for Music, Kürten (www.karlheinztockhausen.org)

This 2022 edition of Festival Spirito del Tempo | Teatri del suono d’oggi is dedicated to Stockhausen in Milan, and it will be divided in four events, all in the Milanese area, appropriately chosen with the aim of offering a kaleidoscopic excursus on the imaginative music world of Karlheinz Stockhausen, one of the greatest pioneers of XX and XXI century: from cosmic music to the ritual vocality a cappella, from instrumental music theater to intuitive music.

June 12th 2022 TIERKREIS – Stockhausen for Kids at NOCETUM

June 16th 2022 AVE – KATHINKAs GESANG – HARLEKIN at Teatro Lirico “Giorgio Gaber”

June 18th 2022 FÜR KOMMENDE ZEITEN at Sala Donatoni – Fabbrica del Vapore

September 10th 2022 STIMMUNG at Basilica di San Carlo al Corso

In addition to the concert events, this edition will also include workshops / masterclasses and activities to to involve a wider audience, from kids, to teens, to adults, in a personal discovery of the intriguing world of Stockhausen’s music.

copyright: Stockhausen Foundation for Music, Kürten (www.karlheinztockhausen.org)

The choice of locations for each event aims to identify the most appropriate venue for each show in terms of lighting possibilities, environmental acoustics and scenographic characteristics.

The 2022 edition is supported by AcomeA SGR