Stockhausen for kids




June 12th 2022


Via San Dionigi, 77 Milan

Workshop and storytelling: h. 6 PM.

Concert: h. 8.30 PM.




Fabio Peri
astronomer, director of the Milan Planetarium
Massimiliano Viel
keyboards, elettronics
Il Cielo Itinerante

A late afternoon and early evening summer event designed for young people (but not only!) In an old farmhouse in contact with the sky and nature, where the “Zodiac” of Stockhausen – in the form of a mini concert for children – it will be accompanied by a journey into the stars, between game and story.

The more specifically musical part of the event is preceded by two scientific-informative interactive moments: a workshop dedicated to the stars and astronauts created by the association “Il cielo itinerante” (www.ilcieloitinerante.org), Italian company specializing in bringing children closer to STEM subjects (especially in situations of fragility or hardship) through dissemination and education.

This workshop will be followed by a storytelling about stars and constellations by Fabio Peri – astronomer and renowned storyteller, director of the Civic Planetarium “U. Hoepli ”in Milan – which will lead the audience on a journey through the celestial bodies and the constellations of the zodiacal signs.

The mini concert includes the performance of TIERKREIS, a collection of twelve small pieces, each dedicated to a zodiac sign, composed by Stockhausen in 1975. The brevity, each piece lasts about a minute, the abstractness of the structure in the form of a melody and accompaniment and the choice of the original ensemble, 12 carillons, make it a sort of “formula art”, or rather a compendium of techniques with which the composer, starting from the 70s, has developed the ordering principles of most of his pieces up to to the threshold of 2000.

In TIERKREIS, each formula develops in its own way the character of a zodiac sign, through the design of the melodic line, the character of the melodic and rhythmic variations, the compositional techniques used, starting from Aquarius, up to Capricorn .

The performance of TIERKREIS is realized by Massimiliano Viel, keyboardist and composer, historical collaborator of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Professor at G. Verdi Conservatorio in Milan. (www.massimilianoviel.net).

The event will be organized in collaboration with Serate Musicali (www.seratemusicali.it).