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Saturday, June 18th, 2022



curated by MMT Creative Lab

W. Prati, G. Schiaffini, S. Armaroli, R. Belgiojoso

Donatoni Hall – Fabbrica del Vapore

Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 4 – Milan

Workshop: h. 5 PM.
Concert: h. 9 PM.

A concert dedicated to the world of improvisation with masters of the genre

An open, shared project, designed for a wide audience of fans and connoisseurs of electronic and improvised music

A workshop activity before the concert aimed at musicians (amateurs or professionals, acoustic and electronic) who want to try their hand at the improvisational field, thus intersecting a public from the simple audience of contemporary music to fans of experiences such as fusion and jazz of the 70s, club music, progressive, krautrock, ambient. These sectors are experiencing a second youth nowadays, both as a recovery of the great productions of fifty years ago and as an underlying element to much of today’s independent scene.

Stockhausen and intuitive music

During a period of a hard, personal crisis, between the 60s and 70s, Stockhausen wrote a series of texts, grouped into two different collections: AUS DEN SIEBEN TAGEN and FÜR KOMMENDE ZEITEN.
These are essentially verbal instructions that any (usually small) ensemble can use to undertake a kind of “textual” improvisation. These works have the ambition to recreate a sort of “vibratory environment” that comes to life and gradually develops into new overall soundscapes.
Stockhausen called these improvisational journeys “intuitive music”: he considered it a special and particularly precious music because it was independent from a score, but rather the result of the musical vibrations that would have occurred on the spot between the musicians, inspired by a sort of external force – “spiritual”, in a universal and anti-dogmatic sense – that is, from that magical and inexplicable spark that is intuition, at the basis of every artistic creation of human ingenuity.
FÜR KOMMENDE ZEITEN was written over a few years (1968-1970), usually while Stockhausen was teaching, traveling or touring. For this reason the 17 compositions of this collection, designed especially for an electro-acoustic ensemble or at least a small ensemble, seem a little more playful and less “intense” than those of the first collection.
The first 5 were written as “examples” while teaching intuitive music at the Darmstadt Ferienkurse (the famous international contemporary music courses) in August 1968, the sixth (INTERVALL) a year later in Corsica as a gift, the next three in Bali in direction of the EXPO ’70 in Tokyo where he would have held almost two hundred concerts, and the last eight in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) on his return from the tour in Japan.

The event by MMT Creative Lab

Which is the reason to propose an appointment that focuses on the more strongly naïve side of a composer like Stockhausen, on the contrary well-known for his hyperdeterminist writing, where no detail is ever left to chance?
Because Stockhausen was also an innovator in the field of improvisation, music with an open form that makes use of different types of “rules of the game”, instructions for use – always very free – valid for satisfactory ensemble impromptu creations.

Stockhausen, a pioneer also in this field, connects improvisational musical action to words, to texts in some cases strongly poetic, which suggest a mood, a state of mind, a type of listening to the musicians.
Therefore, a single, simple concert could not be enough to explain the depth and validity of his compositional operation, so it was decided to combine the performance with a previous interactive moment, an intuitive music laboratory for young musicians, as individuals or already performing part of small groups, acoustic or electroacoustic, interested in getting involved in trying to experiment with Stockhausen’s lyrics, as a springboard to put their own personal improvisational spark into action.

In line with the didactic and dissemination activity carried out by MMT Creative Lab, the event aims to be a moment of intergenerational exchange of ideas and creative approaches, under the guidance of an ensemble whose members have an authoritative and rich history behind them. experience in the world of contemporary improvisation. A sort of ideal passing of the baton … for the times to come …

This concert is in collaboration with MMT Creative Lab (https://www.mmt.it/) and Divertimento Ensemble (www.divertimentoensemble.it)